3 thoughts on “Opening Day: Here Come the Flying Squirrels

  1. That anime wannabe squirrel cracks me up. It reminds me of the Monty Python rabbit… “death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth”!

    At least no one can even try to make a pair of socks look intimidating on a logo.

  2. Uber IBD’er Jeff here … sorry for the delay in posting something here, but I am having a busy week.

    Baseball is back and Paul says he has a bounce back in his step. That probably means new dance moves might be appearing on your screen soon.

    Paul also says his nightmare of no baseball may be over now that the season has started, but the nightmare of the No Good Stinkin’ Yankees being called the World Champions continues for another 6 months until they are dethroned. It was great to see the major league season start on Sunday, especially with a Red Sox win over the No Good Stinkin’ Yankees (sorry Shea.)

    So it is time to start the long marathon of the 2010 baseball season. Paul and I will always be rooting for our hometown Phillies, and I will also be cheering on the San Diego Padres. Though they will probably be out of contention around the All-Star break.

    It is great to live in a state where we actually have professional major league baseball. While Paul has a team in Colorado, I have 5 here in California, the only two I root for though are the Padres and the Angels. Shea has ….. zero. He does have those minor league teams … the Arkansas Travelers, the NW Arkansas Naturals and we will throw in the Memphis Redbirds too.

    This is not the first time IBD has written about baseball logos, but I believe it is the first for minor league teams. The flying squirrel reminds me of Mighty Mouse cartoons and whenever I look at it I just keep hearing the theme song … “Here he comes to save the day ….. Mighty Mouse is on his way.”

    While I am not familiar with the logos of the minor league teams, I agree with Paul to the variety of odd names that are out there. I can only imagine what some of the logos look like and what processes were used to create them. Here are a few for your enjoyment. These are all real minor league team names …

    Tides (use to clean my clothes), Aqua Sox (wear when I am snorkeling in Hawaii), Keys (use for my car), Drive (see keys), Spinners (have some of their old albums), Dash (a good seasoning), Curve (a pitch Michael Jordan could not hit), Intimidators, Defenders, Renegrades, Marauders, Power (sound like titles for future Disney animated movies), Lumber Kings (I like this one), Clippers (have they been demoted from the NBA to a minor league baseball team?), Rawhide (great TV show), Missions (are they on a mission from God? Are they the Blues Brothers?)

    The following names just seemed like they should be grouped together ….
    Aeros, Captains, Voyagers, Travelers, Tourists

    Mud Hens, Shore Birds, Iron Birds, Loons, Owls, Red Wings, Red Hawks, Jet Hawks, Pelicans

    Stone Crabs, Crawdads, Blue Claws, Manatees, Sea Wolves, Hammerheads, Muck Dogs, Sea Dogs, River Dogs, River Cats, Fisher Cats, Hillcats, Flying Tigers, Blue Rocks, Rock Hounds, Rock Cats, Valley Cats (are these the guys that hang out with the valley girls?), Bees (I keep thinking of an old Saturday Night Live routine), Beavers, Grasshoppers, Cougars, Bay Bears, Bison, Bulls (MJ again?)

    Quakes, Thunder, Threshers, Cyclones, Volcanoes, Blaze, Burners, Hot Rods, Rough Riders, Smokies, Naturals, Canadians, Rainiers, 51’s, 66ers, Nuts, Lugnuts, Hook, Aces, Dragons, Dust Devils, Crosscutters, Jaxx, Spikes, Sand Gnats, Iron Pigs, Tin Caps

    And a bunch more I have no idea what some are or where to put some of them …

    Chukars, Kernels, Biscuits, Ghosts (would their logo be invisible?), Zephyrs, Isotopes, Jammers, Sounds, Round Rock (thought these were used for curling at the Olympics), Legends (thought these players were in Cooperstown, not the minor leagues), Miracle (what we can rename the Padres or Cubs if they win a world series), Green Jackets (Tiger Woods would like another one of these) and the Louisville Bats (now that’s a great name.)

    As I have said before … “Play Ball … It’s time to root, root, root for the home team,” whatever they may be called.

  3. The Vermont Lake Monsters are the high A affiliate for the Nats (which contrary to national opinion do play in the major leagues). Loch Ness, they ain’t.

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