8 thoughts on “Gap’s New Logo: The Saga Begins, then Ends Very Suddenly

  1. I suspect this was never meant to stick. It was planned failure, under the concept of “Publicity is publicity.” They put a stinky logo out there, knew it would cause a grassroots uprising, and media worldwide would publish stories about loyal Gap shoppers/followers, causing a swarm to draw more.

  2. … adding Antarctica’s and The Pittsburgh Zoo’s logo to my logoholic collection.

    “Go away, you paperclip! No one likes you!” – Stewie Griffin

  3. Well, I felt stupid for never noticing the arrow in the FedEx logo. But I’ve polled some colleagues who never noticed it either. Does it count as clever if no one gets it?

  4. So what are your top 5 clever logos, and top 5 worst logos? You are allowed to include any you or the IBD team has helped develop. I never noticed the “W” or the NW direction arrow on the old NWA logo before. I was hip to the FedEx arrow though.

  5. Jeff, I think it’s impossible to quantify the best and worst logos, but I’d say this: When people talk about best logos, they’ll identify the most recognizable (Coca Cola, Nike, IBM, etc.) or some of the many clever ones like I’ve identified above.

    When people talk about the worst logos, they usually identify those that have an inadvertent but obvious to everyone but the designer pornographic interpretation.

  6. Just spent 9 days in New Mexico with an ecotourism group…. Forest Service, what’s with that 50’s font??

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