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Friends of IBD continue to send pictures of funny and interesting signs our way. Over the last few years and many presentations later, our collection of funny signs and/or interesting approaches to design continues to grow. Recently the phenomenon has expanded to the IBD Facebook page, where a rash of photo shares have been taking place. I had to share some of these images with you.

I didn’t know they called my wife’s cooking science.

Looks as if they need some gradient off.

I always travel with my pair of counterforms just in case the opportunity to swim with marine stingers presents itself. It happens more than you would think. (I’m not sure what this comment means either.)

We know what we can’t do.

This is just awesome on so many levels.

I love the fact that people are thinking about us over the holidays, (even if it didn’t mean any gifts for us from readers). Just knowing that someone interrupted holiday shopping to take a picture of bad typography for us is the best gift we could receive (next to a 60 inch LCD HDTV or a New York Yankees grill cover).  Thank you Jeanette for the effort! This picture illustrates the worst use of the word “holiday” since Madonna’s 1983 use.

Sometimes you just have to state the obvious.

If you are on Facebook and haven’t liked IBD (not like like, but like like) you should check out the page. There are more images like these under the photo tab. Keep the images coming!

9 thoughts on “Please Read Signs

  1. Wow! The Yoda tree is fantastic. Who claims that tree? If you are not my facebook friend, you should be. I think the first sign looks like the type of science that happens when I eat too much Mexican food.

  2. We are close to breaking 600 people who “like” the IBD Facebook page which is 599 more than the number of people that actually like Paul.

    Thanks for some of the pics Kelly!

  3. I once was walking a trail in the Redwood National Forest when two big, black, Great Danes came bounding by. I reminded the owners that dogs were not allowed on the trail. They assured me that only dogs not on a leash were disallowed. When I got back to the trailhead, sure enough the universal ‘NO’ sign had the sillouette of a leashed sitting dog with the slash through it.

  4. That first sign has nothing to do with Sebrena’s cooking. It was a sign that Paul and I saw while on a mission in Ft. Collins. Pam was along too, but she was not quite on the same mission.

    I am admittedly not the font fanatic or graphic guru that Shea and Paul are, but do consider myself part of the nerd herd that follows all their postings and ramblings. But even I can figure out that the “Holiday” banner is wrong in so many ways.

    And as long as Shea has started of the year by mentioning that he would like a “New York Yankees grill cover,” I would be happy to send you one as a belated holiday gift. The only ones I have been able to find in our local stores say, “No-Good Stinkin’ Yankees!” and have an argyle background.

    Catchers and pitchers report in 38 days. Bring it on.

  5. PS … Kelly, by telling Shea where that tree topper was, I hope you also told your cousins to lock their doors and windows.

  6. Jeff, I already received a NYY grill cover for Christmas this year. Every time William looks at it he says, “Go Yankees!” That’s my boy.

    The hol-ida-y sign is priceless. It has a sort of Build-A-Bear feel to it. I believe the photo was taken in Colorado, home to many bad designers.

    Lyman, don’t get me started on dogs not on leashes. That’s a rant you may be interested in.

  7. When I hear “signs” I always think of my dad playing Five Man Electrical Band’s song by that title and then remade for my generation by Tesla. I find it to be one of the hardest things to get right in my work, sending the right message of the need to balance preservation and recreation without being over-regulatory, but alas, the general population in our region feels entitled to do as they please, the rules and “signs” never apply to them, they are for other people. If there were more personal responsibility in the world, signs like the wetlands park (above) wouldn’t be necessary in some circumstances, and don’t get me going either on the dogs.
    On a lighter note, the gradient seems to be pretty relevant to this instance of use. And I’m wondering if there is a dark side equivalent to the Yoda tree topper? And if Yoda talks, it would be an essential purchase to make.

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