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One of the things we want to do with this site is share resources that we find useful or interesting. (Another thing we want to do with this site is to fill our free time with something other than eating Cheetos and watching pre-season baseball.)

We talk in the book about using color palettes found in the environment around you. NAI’s Russ Dickerson, a fellow nerd and Cheeto eater, turned us on to a website called Kuler, managed by Adobe. (If you haven’t noticed, Adobe is slowly taking over the world.) Kuler, found at http://kuler.adobe.com, generates color palettes based on photos you upload. It even allows you to select a desired mood for your palette (such as colorful, muted, or dark). You need a free username and password, which are easy to set up.

Of course, you can sample colors and develop your own palette in Photoshop or other image manipulation software, but it’s interesting to see what Kuler comes up with.

To upload a photo, click on “Create” and “From an Image.” The palette above was generated from a photo by Heidi Megerle taken in Puerto Rico’s Caribbean National Forest (using the “dark” mood setting).

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