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I have heard that a person that is considered a genius is one step away from being off their rocker. Some time ago Paul and I wrote a book titled Interpretation By Design, along with our mysterious and reclusive third author Lisa Brochu. It is not often that one of the co-authors of a book happens to be the art director for the association publishing the book. It wasn’t only Paul’s responsibility to remove all of the y’alls and fixin’ tos from my writing (not that I have an accent); he was responsible for the layout, overall design, and cover for the book.

For some time I have made fun of one of the book covers that Paul designed and submitted to Lisa and me for review and comments. Needless to say, it wasn’t accepted. To this day, Paul claims that we should have approved it (because of the creative genius behind it) and that our oversight is gross negligence. I claim that for people to buy a book they must pick it up and look at it and if their eyes are bleeding, that won’t happen. Lisa and I simply wanted something that didn’t look like gummy bears had melted on the cover of an excellent book or a manual to hosting baby showers. Oh yeah, Lisa is also Paul’s supervisor.

I need your help today. Let me know what you think of the cover in the comments section. There are two versions above (one I call melted gummy bears and the one I call Design Your Baby Shower). You are more than welcome to review both.

I do have to give Paul some credit. There is a clever element, I just wonder if anyone can figure it out. Paul, you can’t play. After some comments have been posted, if no one picks up on the one possibly redeeming element to the design, I will follow up with further discussion in the comment section. We may even let Paul defend his decisions and explain what pushed him off the rocker.

11 thoughts on “Scratched IBD Cover

  1. I looked at these until my head was spinning and I was nauseous (2 minutes, 37 seconds) and I couldn’t see the clever element. The second one I find less hideous, but I still like it about as much as I like the Phillies winning with a second baseman pitching!

  2. The male authors are in blue sections and the female is in a pink section.

    I can’t tell if that’s actually clever.

  3. I actually like the top one better, but would do the smaller print in black. Obviously I like my colors bold – babyshower is a good name for the bottom one!

  4. I’ve seen those colors before, and not just at baby showers…Could they represent CMYK?

  5. Michelle and Dave are spot on. There’s a reason Michelle was the IBD Color Challenge Champion at our IBD workshop in LA.

    To expand on the concept a little, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are the building blocks of printed design, and IBD is intended to provide new designers with the building blocks they need to succeed. It’s conceptual!

    And Dave and Jeff, that’s not just any grid. It’s the grid we used to lay out the book.

  6. I can’t believe we’re letting Paul get away with having the S and I in DESIGN actually touching. That’s just piss poor spacing. Lisa, as a longtime NAI member I demand that you fire Paul’s underperforming backside immediately.

  7. Phil, you settle down. If you go grab one of the many signed copies of IBD you’ve purchased off eBay in the last three years, you will see that we did use that type on the final version and the letterspacing was refined before we went to press.

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