Odds and Ends: Jersey Shore Edition

I have recently returned from my annual family vacation to Ocean City, New Jersey, during which I consumed 39 consecutive cheese-based meals. (Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.) Here are some things:

I found this sign at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier (whose website is a wonderland of animated gifs) on the Ocean City boardwalk. I had just sent a handful of kids (not sure they were all with me—they start to look alike after a while) on their last ride of the day, and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this. The Really Cool Teenager working the ride gave me a bizarre look when I crouched down to take the photo, but I was not to be deterred. I liked the sign so much I added it to the rotating images in the header of this website (there’s a one-in-eight chance it’s at the top of this page as you read right now).

This sort of thing is one of the many reasons I always have a camera with me. (Another reason: the off chance that I might end up sitting next to Natalie Portman on a roller coaster at the boardwalk.)

Philly Birds
I have been a lot less productive since my co-worker Carrie told me that there are three free versions of the Angry Birds app. Also, my family has descended into a Lord of the Flies-style chaos in which the person who possesses the iPad is ruler of the tribe and the only one allowed to speak.

This T-shirt (which I received as a birthday gift while at the shore) from Cheesesteak Tees plays off the Angry Birds aesthetic and references the Philadelphia Eagles football team through the use of green. (Also, many naturalists will tell you that eagles are a kind of bird, so it’s a clever connection.)

I’d love to see an interpretive site promote a program through a “Friendly Birds” or “Happy Birds” campaign. (Please share it with us if you do!)

Everyday Peeves
I won’t tell you the name of the place where I saw these signs because I don’t want an angry flash grammar mob to descend on my favorite ice cream shop. But I will say that the deliciousness of my hot fudge sundaes (cheese sauce on the side) was tempered by these gross violations of two grammar pet peeves: 1. The unnecessary use of quotation marks (which make you wonder if they’re being sarcastic about something), and 2. The use of “everyday” (common, average) when they meant “every day” (how often I eat ice cream when I’m on vacation).

By the way, I didn’t notice until I posted this image here that my sister was peering out at me from the other side of the glass door while I took this photo.

Scriptwurst Hi
Last year, when I went to the shore, it was swarming with people wearing T-shirts with the word “ill” extracted from the Phillies logo. (I wrote about it here.) The next new fad, I hope, is this very friendly “hi” T-shirt, also extracted from the Phillies logo, from a company called Zoo With Roy. (The company’s name is explained in its tagline: “I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay.” They do another great T-shirt that says, “Ask me about my pitching staff.”)

This T-shirt (another birthday gift) accentuates how round and cheery the Phillies typeface, Scriptwurst, is. (I wrote about that back in 2009 here.) I particularly like this design because the single, tiny word “hi” in such a friendly typeface is an unexpected contrast to the somewhat negative national perception of the Philadelphia sports fan. (Note: People who say or think bad things about Philadelphia sports fans are morons and jerks who should be punched in the face.)

Mystery Message
Finally, this T-shirt was another birthday gift. I’ve included it here because some people do not understand the shirt’s meaning—and some have trouble simply identifying the typographic characters that make up the message. I’m curious what the IBD Nerd Herd thinks of it.

Now that I’m back from vacation, I’m off to the Fort Collins Cheese Detox Center. If you’re in town, please stop by. I’ll be the guy in the T-shirt.

10 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: Jersey Shore Edition

  1. It is sad that someone so sweet and innocent like R2-D2 (the designers grossly left out the required hyphen, a detail that could only be forgotten by Phillies team who also forgot about offense) could be connected to a player stealing team and that group of motley pitchers.

  2. Shea, I love that your primary complaint is a missing hyphen, and then you throw in the phrase “player stealing team” (the commenter grossly left out the required hyphen).

  3. I’d like to accept the challenge of a “happy birds” campaign – I immediately thought of Aotearoa’s beloved kea – (mountain parrot), subject of many failed visitor behaviour campaigns involving lots of don’t feed me signs. Angry – versus happy birds would work very well for these guys as they infamous for going crazy on a high of chocolate and wrecking cars

  4. Once again, Caputo spends a week just up the road from the Wetlands Institute (not to mention our satellite location at Ocean City’s Bayside Center) and doesn’t so much as call. I’ve offered to risk my own life by taking all the Caputi (that’s the proper pluralization, right?) out kayaking, but nope, not so much as a poorly spelled text message. Where’s the IBD love?

    I have some interesting stories about the owner of Gillian’s Wonderland, but they’re not for sharing in a family friendly site like this.

    Given that the average employee here at the shore is a 20-year-old Estonian who’s sharing a two bedroom house with 14 other Latvians, Poles, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Serbians, and somebody’s old school chum from Montenegro, I think that demanding proper use of quotation marks is a bit of a stretch. If they pay their taxes, I’m happy.

    The Bayside Center, btw, is a dog’s breakfast of outdated exhibits, poor signage, unmotivated teenage part-timers, and competing interest groups demanding that their needs be given priority. In other words, it’s a wealth of material for every single NAI blog, so maybe it’s good that Paul didn’t stop there.

    And Paul, where do you stand on the issue that’s dividing Ocean City: should it remain a dry town (by which I mean that the liquor stores will deliver to your door, but are located outside the city limits), or should you be able to bring wine into restaurants?

  5. Once again Paul heads on vacation to the Jersey Shore and once again my PO Box is void of a box of Steel’s Fudge or James Saltwater Taffy. Like fan of IBD Phil wrote, where is the IBD love?

    As for Paul’s post here on IBD, let’s go at it …

    Enxitr … had you not explained the signage, or the lack of, I would have thought this to be the name of some wild new ride at one of the Boardwalk’s amusement locales.

    Natalie Portman … after seeing that awful movie Black Swan, I would not want her any where near me. Besides, she is not on my list of hotties.

    Always having a camera with you … now I will not go near a restroom with either Shea or you, or Angus for that matter too.

    Philly Birds …I have to admit I like the T-shirt, but it would only make much sense to those familiar with the stupid Angry Birds apps. When I got my iPad, everyone wrote that was one of the must have apps. I have played it and got bored with it quite quickly, much as one does reading some of Shea’s blogs about design stuff and American League “Baseball.” But since the shirt is in reference to a Philly sports team, it is a good addition to your collection of T-shirts. We expect to see pictures of you wearing it sometime soon.

    Scriptwurst … whenever you write that word, I feel the need for food. Is it just me, or do others make that association too? And since you were in Philly and at the Citizens Bank Ballpark, I really want a Campo’s Deli Cheese Steak. Next trip please send me one of those too, along with the Steel’s Fudge and James Saltwater Taffy. Heck, throw in a Rita’s Italian Ice too.

    Everyday Peeves … I no better then to coment on grammer or spelling issue’s since Im not very good at neither and have the Nerd Herd to keep me in chek. I ain’t know master of it’s. Those commas, and apostrofee’s always get me busted.

    Mystery Message … That one took me a couple minutes, but I figured it out … Roy, Roy, Cole, and Cliff … for you non-Phillies fans, that would be the best starting pitcher line-up in baseball. Do I win a prize?

  6. Phil, you know the reason we don’t visit is that I’ve made up this whole “wife and children” story to look cool, and if I visit I’ll be exposed.

    As for the “Don’t change OC” campaign, I think the last thing a town needs is a bunch of hooligan teenagers descending en masse, bringing a nice bottle of merlot to their favorite restaurant. That could ruin a place.

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