MLB Playoffs: Who’s Rooting for Whom?

Not sure where your allegiance should lie in the Major League Baseball Playoffs? This map will tell you who’s playing, and who’s rooting for whom! (Click on the map for a closer view.)

Prepared by Paul Caputo and Shea Lewis for Interpretation By Design.

6 thoughts on “MLB Playoffs: Who’s Rooting for Whom?

  1. I’m rooting for Texas (Go Josh H!). What’s football? I live in So Cal (OC), we haven’t had that game here in so long, most of us have forgotten what it is.
    And didn’t the Rangers draw a bigger crowd than NY yesterday? And don’t blame it on the weather.

  2. So where’s the pity party being held for you two? Tough week for you both. I remember something similar happening last year though, both A-Rod and Howard making the last outs for their respective teams’ seasons. I may be wrong, but I know I’m close. I do wish Howard a speedy recovery, but that’s one of the toughest injuries to recover from. The only thing I wish speedy for Alex is retirement.

  3. Brian, the IBD offices (if there were such a thing) have been like the fake ending of Wayne’s World, where his house burns down, his girlfriend breaks up with him, and his show gets canceled. It ends with the camera zooming out and Wayne yelling, “Why, God, WHY?!”

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