Ten Reasons to Join Us in Minnesota

The NAI National Workshop in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is fast approaching (November 8–12), and online registration closes this week. So go to the Workshop website and register now. Do it now!

Every October, I write a post about why you should join us at the NAI National Workshop. The actual reason is that it’s an inspirational and worthwhile professional development opportunity. And not only that, you just never know what sort of fun you’re going to have there. You may end up sharing a meal with a leader in the field, coming up with great ideas for new programs at your site, or witnessing two tubby knuckleheads getting their heads shaved against their wives’ wishes.

With that, ten reasons to join us at NAI 2011 next month!

  1. Saint Paul was established by the first-century apostle Saint Kirby Puckett, patron saint of Twinkies and dingers. (I may have to stop doing all of my research on Wikipedia.)
  2. Shea and I will present a concurrent session about blogging (Wednesday, November 9, at 1:00, for those of you marking your calendars). If you like reading Shea’s 150-word sentences with no punctuation on this blog, imagine hearing them in person! (If that doesn’t interest you, you can see the full list of other sessions here.)
  3. In the course of researching Minnesota culture and customs over the last year, I came across this thing called a Tater Tot Hotdish. If that doesn’t make you want to go to Minnesota, then we don’t want you there. (Photo by SEWilco.)
  4. Shea and I will be auctioneers at the scholarship auction. The event supports up-and-coming leaders in the field, and offers great deals on all sorts of goodies. Bring your own rotten fruit and vegetables to throw at us, free of charge!
  5. The largest ball of twine ever made by one person is located in Darwin, Minnesota, just under 70 miles away. You’d better believe Shea and I will be road-tripping there, and we’ll be singing Weird Al Yankovic’s “Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota” all the way there.
  6. The Minnesota Timberwolves have two games scheduled while we’re in town. If the NBA’s not on strike, we may try to win the T-wolves’ “Lucky Fan Gets to Be the Starting Point Guard” contest.* I will take my Christian Laettner Timberwolves jersey** to see if it brings me luck.
  7. Friday at the Workshop, we’ll celebrate 11:11 on 11/11 twice (though the second time will be after Shea’s 9:30 bedtime). Can you imagine celebrating that event with anyone but the IBD Nerd Herd?
  8. If it’s warm enough, we’ll go for a dip in the Mississippi River. We haven’t checked the weather forecast, but we’re going to be optimistic and take our bathing suits.
  9. Saint Paul is responsible for 14 of the epistles in the New Testament. (Sorry, that’s the actual saint, not the city in Minnesota.)
  10. You just never know who’s going to get their head shaved.

See you in Minnesota!

*Our first NBA joke on IBD!
**I actually do own a Christian Laettner Timberwolves jersey.

Saint Paul photo by Alexius Horatius.

5 thoughts on “Ten Reasons to Join Us in Minnesota

  1. Causing Shea’s head to be shaved may have been my proudest moment as an NAI member. The look on his face….

  2. 1. Getting to see a gathering of some of the NAI tribe and the IBD Nerd Herd.
    2. Seeing old friends and making new friends.
    3. Presenting my session.
    4. Heckling Paul and Shea at their session.
    5. The sessions, the events, the National Workshop experience.
    6. Kevin W. owing me a lunch.
    7. Kevin W. owing me a beer.
    8. Paul owing me a beer.
    9. Shea owing me a beer.
    10. Amy F. owing me a beer.

  3. As a representing local let me state that Tater Tot hotdish is unique. Hell, ANY hotdish is unique. We’ve got more than one. The real local dish is a Jucy Lucy and even us heathens in St. Paul will admit that they come from Minneapolis. Though, we will never admit that they make them better across the river. Track me down at the conference and I can give you the scoop on where to find one close to the conference.

    Yes, the twine ball does exist. Yes is is under a pagoda, No there are no velvet ropes. Yes it is a long boring drive.

    The Mississippi will be damn cold on November 8th but I welcome you to come back in the actual winter for some polar plunges into area lakes. It is a tradition. St. Paul has the oldest running winter carnival in the world. We’ll only be a block or so from the river though so let us all know exactly what time you’ll be wading in and we’ll all come watch.

  4. 1. Jeff- remind me again why I owe you a beer?

    2. What do I get if I take a dip in the Mississippi?

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