Have a Platypustastic New Year!

I have been making New Year’s resolutions on this site since we started doing this in 2009. And I’ve accomplished some amazing things based on past resolutions: I threw out that old, disgusting Tupperware in 2010, and I have not feathered an edge in months.

With that, here are some promises Shea and I make to you for 2012:

  1. We will learn about platypuses—web-footed, venomous, egg-laying mammals that they are.
  2. We will embrace new media. Learn about it. Talk about it. Use it.
  3. To my wife’s chagrin, I will at least triple the size of my collection of Major League Baseball ice cream sundae helmets.
  4. We will get a pet platypus.
  5. Shea will finally call Cy Sperling to see what can be done.
  6. We will not place photos in compositions at random angles (and certainly not with drop shadows).
  7. We will introduce a new word to the English lexicon: platypustastic.
  8. We will use that extra day in February to its fullest potential.
  9. We will become huge hockey fans. I will root for the Philadelphia Flyers because I grew up in Philadelphia and I am still connected to that community through family and frequent visits. Shea will root for the Montreal Canadiens because they have the most championships and that’s how he picks his teams.
  10. We will start a podcast. A platypustastic podcast.

Happy new year!


7 thoughts on “Have a Platypustastic New Year!

  1. At my house, we’ve worked for a year now to correctly mimic a platypus call. While we have improved, it has not be perfected. You may want to add this to your list.
    You’ve also chosen this animal at a lucky time in history. Endless platypus merchandise is available from Disney. Have you hugged your platypus today?

  2. I love that in wikipedia, it says about the platypus, “The bizarre appearance of this egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal baffled European naturalists when they first encountered it, with some considering it an elaborate fraud.” That’s all I got.

  3. Yeah, when I started reading about platypuses (platypi?) online, the terms venomous, egg-laying, web-footed (or as wikipedia says, otter-footed), and mammal were pretty much in the first sentence of every description.

    The fact that it’s such a doofy combination that scientists first thought it was a hoax makes it extra cool.

  4. First, bravo for using the correct pluralization. Platypus, like octopus, is Greek, not Latin, so pluralizing with an “i” is incorrect. Technically, the proper word would be “platypoda”, but linguists agree that that’s pedantic, so “platypuses” is acceptable.

    Second, should Shea decide that rooting for a foreign team is more than he can handle, he’s welcome to cheer for the American team with the most Stanley Cups, the Detroit Red Wings. (And then we can debate the graphic awesomeness of the winged wheel logo, compared to the Flyers’ colors, which were stolen from the University of Texas).

  5. Carly is right, though having kids yourselves, you must know of Phineas and Ferb and their pet platypus/secret agent Perry, right? If you don’t, you’d better get on the making the most of every summer day wagon soon. They even did a show that gave props to fonts, serifs and making signs, the episode is called Ferb Latin.
    Happy New Year to you both!

  6. You sure you want to be a Philadelphia Flyers fan? You don’t strike me as violent or obnoxious (note: see news stories about beating up veterans and throwing batteries)

  7. Thank you both so much for inspiring me! This year’s resolution, a little late, will be to pay homage to the platypus on a daily basis. It sure beats dieting. Second resolution will be to give Jeff a hard time as much as possible for hating on my Yankees.

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