7 thoughts on “Viva Las Logo!

  1. I really like the kinetic element that all of the type creates. It does seem to have a friendly wiggle to me. Or perhaps I’ve had too much coffee this morning. It does represent the movement, activity, and overstimulation of Vegas.

    The Las Vegas, Florida logo takes me back to episodes of Miami Vice and the early uniforms of the Florida Marlins/Arizona Diamondbacks.

  2. It reminds me of the tag clouds on blogs. At least it doesn’t resemble a hotel logo…

  3. This is like when your musician-friend sings you a song she’s been working on and says, “What do you think?” which might account for the awkward “Hmmmms.”

    I like the oasis theme, and I understand how the palm graphic relates to that. The pink/blue color scheme reminds me of Miami. It’s interesting that you chose to line the letters and numbers up NAI2010. I like how the word “oasis” is set apart from the rest of the text. I don’t know whether or not I like that the logo is actually made up of a bunch of smaller words. It’s definitely better than hotel sign draft.

    Why didn’t you keep the palm tree between NAI and 2010 like in the second draft?

  4. I lived in San Diego for 25 years and when I picture palm trees, I picture San Diego or LA. It is hard to notice palm trees in Las Vegas. With all the glitz and lights, the only trees to be found are usually indoors and plastic. To be honest, a pink flamingo wearing sunglasses would be more Las Vegas to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, Paul. I could not design my way out of a paper bag, so I may be the last person to have the right to speak up here. But you did ask, so I’m answering. It’s a good design and intellectually, I can see where the design is born and what it represents. But, it just didn’t grab me.

  5. Hey Pat, I like the logo. I think the palm tree represents the idea of an oasis rather one place in particular. There are palm trees lots of places, so it’s hard to say that they represent just one region. I’ve been to Vegas and there are definitely palm trees there.

  6. As I noted on our Facebook page, I’ve been through grad school critiques, where the point is to break down a designer’s sense of self worth so far that they want to go flip burgers for a living, so I appreciate the thoughtful comments you’ve all made.

    I actually just got back from a weekend with college friends in Las Vegas and I thought a lot about this logo so I’m interested in what people think.

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