About IBD

Interpretation By Design book coverThis website is a companion to the book Interpretation By Design. The book is a serious resource for interpreters who use exhibits, brochures, signs, websites, publications, and other visual media to tell their stories. This website is an opportunity for us to pick on each other about our respective baseball teams and take repeated potshots at Comic Sans.

Written for interpreters who have little or no training in graphic design but find themselves responsible for creating or overseeing the production of nonpersonal media, IBD (the book) focuses on using basic principles of both graphic design and interpretation in nonpersonal media. Interpretation By Design addresses how to make decisions about type, color, and composition, as well as why an interpretive approach may be more effective for communicating with your audience.

We hope you will use this site as an opportunity to dialogue with the authors and others in the fields of graphic design and heritage interpretation, and to pick on other interpreters and their favorite baseball teams.

The book is available through the National Association for Interpretation at www.naimembers.com/store. Contact Paul Caputo at pauljcaputo@gmail.com.