Flowchart: What Baseball Team Should I Root For?

Since we’re on the subject of flowcharts and the Major League Baseball season is just around the corner, I have prepared this handy guide that will help you decide which baseball team you should root for (click to embiggen).

Note, added March 4, 2011: This post unexpectedly went viral on us to the point that it shut down our server. We apologize to those with broken links (and my co-author Shea’s broken, soulless Yankee heart).

Note, added March 10, 2011: Thanks to our friends at ServInt Managed Hosting Services, we are back!

Note: Added August 20, 2011: Check out our new football flowchart!

29 thoughts on “Flowchart: What Baseball Team Should I Root For?

  1. AT&T Park has the best food in baseball. Forget the sushi jokes.Try a Giants’ dog with peppers & onions, Garlic Fries and a cold beer. Good for vegetarians too.

  2. You’re 100% wrong about where you put the Nats. I just can’t tell you why because I’m not allowed to, not because I don’t know the answer, although I don’t really know the answer but even saying that is not allowed because that would sort of reveal that I don’t really know why even though I told you I knew why but then told you I couldn’t tell you but trust me, there are no WMD at Nats Park now that Adam Dunn in in Chicago.

    If you have any question, please don’t bother asking as I couldn’t answer them anyway….I mean, not because I wouldn’t know the answer but….oh, never mind.

  3. You know, Ira, I can also tell you which airports have the best food. But who goes to the frackin’ airport for the restaurants? If you’re basing your sports decisions on food quality, you need to get a life. (Geez, one lucky World Series win and suddenly the Giants fans think they know everything.)

  4. Oh man, my side is splitting. Having lived most of my life in So Cal, from L.A. to San Diego, now in the OC, you absolutely nailed our three teams. Should be an interesting season to watch, though I’ll be at CSUF watching my Titans roll into Omaha!

  5. There is no way to answer “No” to the question “I am watching baseball to pass the time until football training camp”. My options are “yes” or “yes”… #fail

  6. I am so glad to see my team made it almost to the end of your respectable flow chart (Go Cards!) 🙂

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  8. Cheap shot on the Giants — the Bonds thing is sooooo 2008 and S.F. won the Series last year mostly on pitching — but overall very funny.

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  11. Great work! Even my wife–the ultimate non-fan–laughed (after I coerced her into reading it).

  12. I think it would have been more appropriate to find the Tigers under: “The appropriate response to winning the World Series is flipping police cars” – If yes, then add a new box asking: “Are you employed?” – No? – Detroit.

  13. Wonderful! Nearly everyone (including comments I found on other sites before back-linking to here) is expressing enjoyment and acknowledging that their favorite team had it coming. I’m concluding that the Cards should be everyone’s second-favorite club, or in my case, fourth-favorite, after Chowdah, Too Hot, and (still laughing) Too Gross.

  14. This was great. I’m assuming the Jays are under “give the ball away” because everyone thinks Canadians are all nice. Not entirely true. I would trample over my grandmother to get a foul ball.

  15. Love it and have it up on the door of my office! Any possibility you can do football too? 🙂

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